The Greedy Crocodile

Once there was a crocodile. He was really hungry. He saw a boy. The boy had some meat in his hand. He decided he wanted to eat both the boy and his meat. He would trick the boy.

The crocodile said, "Oh! Little Boy! could you please give me some meat?"

The boy said, "Oh no, you will eat me"

The crocodile said, "I promise, I won't eat you."

So the boy went near the crocodile to give him the meat. But, instead the crocodile tried to catch the boy. It caught just his arm.

There came a rabbit. It wanted to help the boy. It did help the boy. The crocodile wanted to eat the rabbit first, so he let go of the boy's arm.

The boy ran away and escaped and the rabbit too fled away. The cunning crocodile didn't get his dinner.


precious said...

Wonderful morals

Unknown said...

Short but sweet moral

Unknown said...

Awesome my daughter loved it

Unknown said...

I love it!

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